Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Focus Group?
Focus group is usually a gathering of 6-12 people. The goal is to elicit perceptions, feelings, beliefs, opinions, attitudes, spontaneous reactions and ideas through the interaction between the participants about a selected topic.

Often free refreshments and snacks are offered by the hosts, and the focus group usually last for 1-2 hours. The discussion is run by a moderator who is responsible for maintaining the focus of the group on the issues of interest.

What is the Focus group selection process?
When we select participants to attend our market research projects, they must match our client's criteria and requirements. The requirements for each project are unique and can include criteria, such as age, gender, education level or other specifications, such as the use of a particular product or service.

After you have registered with Sydney Focus Groups, we will send you periodically a screening questionnaire to fill in. Based on your answers we will determine if you qualify to be invited to the focus groups we are conducting and if so we will contact you.

How do I register?
You can register online by filling in the Sydney Focus Groups registration form. To make the most of this opportunity you must have an email address, and/or mobile telephone number and to be able to access your emails regularly. This enables us to contact you in a timely manner via email or SMS when a suitable focus group discussion becomes available.

How much I will be paid?
Focus group participants get paid usually $80-$150. Participants are paid accordingly to the length of the project and our business clients instructions.

When do I get paid?
You receive payment in cash immediately after the finish of the focus group discussion session. You will be advised of your payment amount prior to accepting the session or project.

How often can I participate?
You can usually participate in a focus group with us 2 - 4 times a year.

How old do I have to be to register?
Anyone aged 18 and over can register.

Where are group discussions held?
Group discussions are held at formal group rooms in central locations across all Australian capital cities.

When are the group discussions held?
The commencement time of group discussions varies. They are mainly held in the evening, however day time groups are also common.

How often I will receive an e-mail?
You will receive notification by email only when a suitable focus group discussion projects become available. The email will contain a link directing you to a screening questionnaire you will need to complete to determine if you qualify to be invited to participate in the focus groups we are conducting. You are not going to receive any other emails from us and we will not share your details and email address with other parties.

Can I update my registration details?
Yes at any time. You have to select "existing registration" in the beginning of the Registration page, then enter the updated details and submit the form.

How long do you retain my personal information?
Registered member participation is voluntary and confidential. The information supplied to us will not be shared with any other parties. Your details will be retained indefinitely or until you choose to remove your details. To do so just send us an e-mail and your personal details will be permanently deleted from our secure system.

Do I have to attend a session if I am contacted?
No. There is no obligation to participate. Joining in a session is purely voluntary and you may choose not to participate in a project despite meeting all the criteria. But if you do agree and for any reason you are unable to attend please notify us, so we can organise replacement.

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